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5 Most Important Things I Tell My Children At Bedtime


How do we teach our children to believe in themselves? How do we empower them to make positive choices when we are not by their side?

These parenting questions occupy my mind as I work on cultivating and nurturing the consciousness in my children.

I believe parenting is a giant experiment, one that requires us to model the behaviors we wish to see emulated while trying different techniques that work for the unique personality of each child AND parent. There is no cookie cutter solution or instruction manual that tells us how to do it. Life beckons us to share what works with one another. Different approaches work for different people at different times. In my opinion, we must first begin with our own awareness. Ask yourself:

  • What values, principles, and behaviors am I passing onto my children?
  • Are these messages shaping positive, empowering behaviors? Or,
  • Are these messages limiting the potential of my child’s expression and gifts?

Seriously, ask yourself these questions. Look at the answers and if they are not the ones you want, change them. You have that power and you can change what you are modeling at any time with choice.

As I shared in a previous writing, one of the greatest rituals that we incorporate into our daily parenting routine is the 5 Most Important Things. This bedtime ritual helps to form a positive foundation that empowers our children to make positive choices on their own. I often hear my son referring to them unexpectedly and in the appropriate context, which shows me they are helping to shape his belief structure and behavior.

Here are the 5 Most Important Things I tell my children at bedtime:


  1. These 5 principles have come from within us, from past generations, and our lineage into a form of communication for our children. If you resonate with this ritual, I encourage you to create your own 5 Most Important Things… and have your children help co-create them with you. Then, share them with us by commenting on this post.


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