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5 Things Pinterest Taught Me About Sustainability


Information about living a “green” and sustainable lifestyle is all around us.  One of the quickest and simplest ways to learn that information is through different forms of social media.  I took on the task of looking through the site “Pinterest” to find that information. So, here are five of my favorite things I learned about sustainability from Pinterest

  1. That upcycling allows you to regrow your own food! Many people who are even remotely in tune with the sustainability movement know that upcycling is a great way to renew something that you have already purchased.  By upcycling fruits and vegetables, you are able to continue to get food out of something you have spent good money on.
  2. That going green is the most cost-effective way to live. This seems like a no-brainer, but this chart lays it out nice and simple for you. All of the actions on this list are very simple to do, while giving yourself a nice pat on the back for going green.
  3. Just how important it is to buy local. I think that we have all heard that buying local, whenever the opportunity arises, is the best option. However, I had never personally realized just how many reasons there were to buy local.  Not only is the food fresher, but you also stop contributing to the CO2 released by airplanes or boats or trucks, decrease the amount of plastic packaging produced, and so much more
  4. That there are nine super easy and super cute ways for you to make a positive impact, which leaves no room for any more excuses. Whether you pick to go vegetarian for a month or to get yourself a reusable shopping bag or to take on all nine, any small change for the better makes a difference.
  5. Simply throwing away clothing, and any other textile, is way more wasteful than you may think. Sure, it makes sense that throwing away clothing a fabric which is still in good condition is a wasteful activity, that just common sense. However, this is another case of maybe not quite realizing how wasteful this action really is.  Instead, upcycle your old shirt or donate it to your local shelter.  You would be amazed just how many different types of organization could really use that old t-shirt, towel, or rag.

For more interesting DIYs, charts, and fun activities head over to Pinterest and search sustainability.


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About the author

Hello! I am currently a college student working on getting my B.S. in Sustainability Science. I like to write about all different types of environmental issues that concern me.

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