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6 Money-Saving Summer Activities


By: Elyssa-Beth Bender

Courtesy of: Trent Hamm

Summer always seems to be the perfect season for spending time with loved ones. With the arrival of beautiful warm months,  summer encourages those to slow down and actively engage with friends and family. While the long summer days prompt us to go out and partake in many activities, summer activities can also be very pricey. So how can you enjoy summer with out busting your budget?

These 6 money-saving  summer activities can keep you from breaking the bank.


  • Geocaching is a completely free scavenger hunt that uses GPS to find small “caches” hidden all around the world (probably even in your neighborhood) by volunteers who want to make geocaching fun. The thrill is finding them, and you can start by learning more at 


  • Another free activity you can participate in is volunteering. There are endless causes that rely on volunteer work to function. The best volunteer opportunities not only help fill your day with the joy of helping others, but can also teach you useful skills.


  • Summer is the prime season for various festivals and fairs at or near your home town. Festivals are great for providing low-cost activities like carnival rides, various foods from local or foreign culture, art shows, concerts, and etc.


  • During the summer nights in the country, many often look toward the sky for a majestic experience. Whether your charting out constellations, wishing on a shooting star, or casually getting lost in the splendors the sky holds, stargazing is the perfect cozy and intimate activity to participate with a significant other.


  • There are few things more refreshing than a hike through the wilderness, whether on trails or far off the beaten path. A good hike offers great exercise, fresh air, and the unexpected surprises of nature.


  • While camping can have some start-up costs (tent, sleeping bag, food, etc.), it can also give a ready-made opportunity for things like: exploring wilderness, hiking on trails, building a campfire and making campfire food, enjoying tons of fresh air, fishing and countless other endeavors. It’s also a great social opportunity, perfect for allowing your older children to invite a friend along.

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