Our Vision

At Healthy Happy Human BEings (H3BETM), we believe WellBEing is a human right and we are on a mission to make it a reality for all. We define WellBEing, as a state of whole health and happiness across 7 domains – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, financial and environmental. We believe these seven domains make up every human being and every community.

Our Mission

H3BETM connects, educates and empowers people, providers and businesses to become healthy happy humans in communities world-wide. Through our Healthy Happy Hubs, people share what works, including best practices, real-life success stories, knowledge, and favorite products and services related to being healthy, happy and whole – all in one place. This collaboration empowers people to take responsibility for their wellbeing and make positive lifestyle choices that will help them thrive in all seven domains.

As a result, local and global ecosystems are built in the cloud (through technology) and on the ground (through human interaction) allowing people to come together and help each other heal and prosper in all areas of life.  A wellbeing movement is ignited, human consciousness is raised, and we build Healthy Happy Communities across the globe…together.

H3BETM launched in January 2012 in Park City, Utah. Since then, H3BE has produced over 32 educational events with over 2500 individuals and providers in attendance. Check our event page for upcoming experiences and offerings.

We invite all people seeking health and happiness, professionals and businesses who support any or all of the 7 domains of Wellbeing  to join www.H3BE.com today!

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Who We Are

jennifermulhollandEmail Jennifer

Jennifer H. Mulholland, Founder & CEOEntrepreneur, Visionary, Community builder, Business Owner, Executive Coach, Strategist, Writer, Athlete
Jennifer Mulholland is passionate and committed to raising the bar of human potential– through online and in-person wellbeing communities. She has over 20 years of experience in business leadership, enterprise technology, coaching, marketing and innovation.  Jennifer founded H3BETM to connect, educate and empower people, providers and businesses to become healthy happy humans across the globe. In January 2012, Jennifer founded Healthy Happy Human BEingsTM (H3BE) to grow Healthy Happy communities across the United States that promote the expansion of individual and collective potential through positive lifestyle choices. As a Division I Lacrosse and Field Hockey player, Jennifer learned the art of teamwork and leadership, on and off the field. Her passion for building community and her experience of executive leadership created a strong foundation to pursue her dream of creating a new well-care model that combines conventional medical and complementary care to enhance individual, family, and community wellbeing. Jennifer is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive leader with a strong record of successes orchestrating the start-up, growth, and optimization of organizations and businesses within professional consulting, coaching, portal and content management technologies, integrative health care, and non-profit platforms. Recognized for pioneering innovative approaches that improved the performance and quality of business strategy, including the creation of methodologies and frameworks to bring new solutions to market, a system adopted as the template for innovation for a Fortune 500 company. She also co-developed a new service offering, an approach that led to the completion of a $10 Million sale and changed the way SunGard engaged in delivering solutions to its 16,000 clients world wide. Jennifer is also recognized for bringing the sport of women’s lacrosse to the state of Utah through the non-profit organization she founded called, Women’s Wasatch Lacrosse. A third generation descendant of female entrepreneurs, an All-American lacrosse player, a 18-year Park City resident and a mother of two children, Jennifer enjoys writing, reading, cooking, gardening, traveling and any endeavor that supports the expansion of human consciousness.


Laura Ritter, H3BE Coordinator
Office Manager, Outdoor enthusiast, Consciousness Advocate, Spiritual Seeker
Laura received a Bachelor degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Recreation. She worked in the Outdoor Recreation field for over ten years and managed an online store for over six years. Laura began managing offices in the Park City area where she continues to serve part-time with a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncture Clinic. Here she has been able to see the healing power of natural medicine and has strengthened her desire help educate people about preventative and alternative care and raise human consciousness. In her new role as H3BE Coordinator, Laura; (1) Manages and improve office systems, (2) Receives and distributes member communications, (3) Maintains and sells memberships and, (4) oversees event planning and logistics. Laura loves participating in the outdoor adventures and the healthy-lifestyle that Park City has to offer with her family and friends.
Scott Kelly, ATC, NMT, FDN, The WellBEing Collaborative Advisor
Teacher, speaker, wellbeing coach, athlete.
Scott integrates lifestyle, mindset and nutrition to create unique, lasting programs for his clients. He is passionate about bringing science and wisdom together to facilitate health and well-being. Scott has 20 years of experience as an integrative health and wellness practitioner with an impressive list of titles. He is a board-certified athletic therapist, functional diagnostic nutritionist and neuromuscular therapist, just to name a few. Currently, Scott owns Rebound Health and Wellness Center where he combines individualized nutrition, orthopedic rehabilitation, fitness and performance with mindset and lifestyle. An athletic adventurer, Scott has climbed several mountains and hiked across Nepal, Chile and Peru. He enjoys long-distance bike tours and playing on the mountains in Park City with his wife and sons.
Babbie Lester, ND, Lac, The WellBEing CollaborativeTMAdvisor
Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Outdoor Adventurist, Healer
Dr. Babbie was born and raised in the Mountains of Park City, Utah. After college graduation, Dr. Babbie completed her NLP certification and studied Shamanic Medicine with the Four Winds Society in the US and Peru. She worked as an outdoor field guide and trained in a hospital chaplain program before completing a 6-year medical program at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she obtained a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine. She continues to study shamanic medicine with Dr. Theo Parades. Dr. Babbie lives high in the mountains with her family and owns a clinic in Park City with her husband. She weaves her diverse medical knowledge together to create an unforgettable healing experience for her patients.

Alissa Effland, Creative Advisor
Designer, creative thinker, health enthusiast, foodie
Alissa spent over ten years working in the entertainment industry, seven of those serving as an art director for Sony Pictures. She then began a design firm with her husband called Eff-stop Photo and Design. When she moved to Utah and noticed a lack of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups, she started one with a local farmer. Zoe’s Natural Garden is now a flourishing CSA, growing over 500 varieties of organic produce. Alissa loves cooking nutritious food for her husband and beautiful twin girls and hopes to educate people about the importance of eating local, naturally-produced food.
Sara Sheler, H3BE Writing Intern
College student, writing enthusiast, aspiring chef
Sara is a sophomore studying nutrition and journalism and loving it. She wants to dedicate her life to nutrition education and share the joy of real food with other people. Sarah spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking home-grown produce and experimenting with new foods.
Rick Farnell, Technology & Analytics Advisor
Incubation and startup ventures, big data strategies and analytics
An experienced business manager and information technologist, Rick has led programs for large companies and hundreds of their clients. He has two decades of experience in technology consulting and specializes in start-ups, marketing, and data analysis. He is currently the president of Think Big Analytics, an information technology company he helped found in 2010. He  works regularly with client executive teams to build plans for investing in Big Data strategies that deliver measurable ROI through data science and analytic application development. Prior to Think Big, Rick developed successful regional consulting practices in North America, EMEA and APAC and directed a global division within Sun Microsystems Software Practice. Rick is also Founder of Rapid Formation which helps incubate, fund and scale startup technology companies.
Kim Wirthlin Photo copy
Kim Wirthlin, H3BE Healthcare Strategy Advisor
Inspirational leader, keen strategist, creative thinker, adventurer
An accomplished executive leader, Kim has more than 16 years of experience in health care and higher education leadership. She served as Vice President of Government Relations and as Associate Vice President for Marketing and Public Affairs at the University of Utah. During her tenure there, she had the unique opportunity to be the first in every position she held. Kim is currently CEO and President of Wirthlin Strategies, a health care consulting firm. She is also engaged in the community, serving on the 4th Street Clinic Development Board and the McGillis School Board of Trustees. An experienced mountain climber, Kim climbed Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and Ama Dablam, a 23,000 ft. mountain in the Himalayas. She asks, “Why climb this mountain? Partly because reaching and moving past a breaking point compels me, teaches me, and strengthens me.”
Joshua W. Horner, H3BE Technical Strategy & Product Development Advisor
Product Management Executive, Business Advisor, and responsible global citizen
Over thirteen years experience in product management, solutions development, technical consulting, sales, and sales engineering environments. Joshua is highly skilled at diagnosing complex business problems. He has a proven track record managing all areas related to the conception, design, development, prototyping, implementation and product positioning of internet applications and solutions in the public and private sectors. Joshua currently directs the product management process at a leading global higher education software firm. Joshua was previously a co-founder of Global Citizen, an organic clothing organization dedicated to sustainable practices. Joshua lives and works in Salt Lake City.
John Hanrahan, M.D., Healthcare Advisor, and The WellBEing CollaborativeTMAdvisor
Family physician, humanitarian, community leader, non-profit founder
A physician passionate about creating positive change both locally and globally, John has a variety of experience in medicine, non-profit leadership, government service and community volunteerism. He left his Park City clinical practice in 2000 to found and direct The Hope Alliance, an organization that empowers the poor in developing countries to create change in their lives. John helped found the Peoples Health Clinic in 2000 to care for the uninsured in Summit and Wasatch Counties and returned there as a staff physician in 2011. In 2008 he was elected to serve on the Summit County Council. He also runs a small medical consulting business. John loves to bike, ski and hike with his wife and two children. He is blessed as a cancer survivor.
Brittany Streck, Intern
Brittany is a creative graphic and web designer, digital marketer, and blogger. She collaborates with blooming businesses who want to evoke a creative change and engage with their audience. Brittany has experience with branding, WordPress, flyers, logos, brochures, social media, and newsletters for clients from New York to Arizona. When she’s not in creative mode, this designer eats organic foods and supports a healthy environment. To see Brittany’s design work visit: www.brittanystreck.com.

Julia Wohlwend, Intern

Julia is a student studying Environmental Studies at University of Oregon. She is passionate about protecting the environment as well as health and believes both go hand in hand. Julia also has a passion for art and design and hopes to use them to bring positive messages to the world.

If you are interested in volunteering or joining our team, please contact Jennifer for more information.