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DIY Halloween Costumes From Pinterest


By Elyssa-Beth Bender

Halloween is right around the corner, and costume prices aren’t getting any lower. The good news is is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look scary-chic this Halloween. This year, take it from Pinterest and create your own money- saving savvy costume!






This costume can be done with four articles of clothing, makeup, and a bouquet of fake or real sunflowers! A bonus accessory would be some hay or straw.









This silly Halloween look can be attained with tule, safety pins, and a white rope. You can wear shorts and a tank top and pin the tule to your clothing and attach the rope on the side. Any color will do!









All you need to become Waldo is a red and white striped shirt, jeans, a red beanie, and glasses. Additional items that will make your costume pop is a camera and satchel.








You can be a red, green, or purple grape with a sweater and balloons. After blowing up the balloons, attach them to your sweater using safety pins! Add some fake ivy to your head to make it look like a stem.
















This look can be attained with a short, white robe, white/black pants, and a toy lightsaber.



This classy Audrey Hepburn character is an easy Halloween costume! All you need is a black dress, pearls, tiara, gloves, and black sunglasses. A bonus accessory would be an orange stuffed cat!


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