Winter Solstice Ceremony 2014
Date: December 21, 2014
Time: 5:00 pm  to  7:30 pm

Location: The Shop Yoga Studio, 1167 Woodside Ave, Park City, UT 84060 Tickets: Click here for tickets Admission:

  • Advance registration: $20 Adults, $10 Children (10-18yrs)
  • At the door: $30 Adults, $15 Children
  • H3BE Members: $15 in advance, $20 at the door

About the Winter Solstice Ceremony The longest night and shortest day has arrived marking the Winter Solstice and the next morning gives way to the light.  We gather in ceremony and celebration to realize our connectedness.  Join us as we honor the beautiful interplay of compliments: light/dark, masculine/feminine, yin/yang & ebb/flow, release what no longer serves us and create our intentions for 2015. Together, we raise our consciousness through movement, music, mantra, art, fire and collective engagement.

We unite on one of the most auspicious eves of the year and experience various ways to tap into our potential for the many seasons to come. Families and children 10 and up are welcome! The evening will be facilitated by; Jennifer Mulholland (CEO, H3BE), Jill Johnson (Owner, Purity of Play), Dr. Babbie Lester (Owner of Mountain Sage Natural Health & Acupuncture), Scott Kelly (Owner, Rebound Health and Performance Center), Mary Christa Smith (Director of SCPW and Shaman) and David Belz (Owner, The Shop Yoga Studio).

During the ceremony, live music will be performed by:  Sophia Dion  and  Dallas Brown

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For the celebration that follows, Jes Stobaugh will DJ and provide fun and uplifting music to get your groove on. If you decide to stay for the celebration, please bring a side dish and beverage of choice to share in the festivities. Families and children ages 10 and up are welcome and encouraged to attend.

About Healthy Happy Human BEings (H3BE) H3BE is leading a wellbeing revolution to educate, empower and connect people to be healthy, happy and whole. H3BE unifies local communities  in the cloud through a web-based social platform (WellBEing Hub) and on the ground through in-person events and programs. People, professionals and businesses learn, inspire and share what works to help each other become healthy happy human beings, forming a localized and global ecosystem of Healthy Happy Communities around the globe.

Thank you to our collaborative leaders and partners:

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