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Frick Fracking!

Fracking Large

Fracking; you hear it all over the news today.  But what exactly is fracking?  Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing, is defined by the BBC as the process of drilling down into the earth then releasing a high-pressure water, sand and chemical mixture directly into the rock in order to release the gas inside. The natural gas, which is considered a fossil fuel, then flows out of the rock and it captured in order to convert it into a fuel.

While this process may sound simple, it comes with many consequences.  For example, significant damage can be linked to the chemicals used in fracking, which is about 40,000 gallons of chemicals per fracture.  These chemicals are believed to be very dangerous, and include many known toxins and carcinogens.  Once the chemicals are pumped into the ground, it can lead to methane gas and toxic chemicals leaking into the ground water.  As a matter of fact, when water sites around these areas are examined, it can be seen that these sites have methane concentrations about 17x higher than the average well.  Additionally, the amount of water that is used during the fracking process is insane; about 8 million gallons per fracking procedure.  This water is then contaminated with the chemicals and cannot be reused because there is a possible link that these chemical concoctions cause extreme bodily damage.  Finally, there is  a very strong link to global climate change.  While natural gas, which is the product that is being extracted via the process of fracking, is a much cleaner fossil fuel than something like coal, it is still a fossil fuel.  Furthermore, the methane that is produced by the drilling and the transportation of natural gas contributes vastly to global climate change.

The good news is that this can all be stopped.  In the state of New York the process of fracking is now banned.  In Decemeber 2014, Governor Cuomo (D) of New York cited that the risks that are known are too dangerous to play around with, let alone the fact that we do not yet know everything about the aftermath of hydraulic fracturing.  What this shows is that the people truly have the power to decide the future of this planet.  Multiple grassroots movements have sprung up, such as New Yorkers Against Fracking, to help combat the problems we, as a nation, are facing.  The time is now to stand up for what we believe in, and every single voice counts.  Hydraulic fracking, as it stands now, is just too dangerous to leave up to chance.  Positivity breeds change.  Opinions breed change.  Caring breeds change.  You breed change.

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Hello! I am currently a college student working on getting my B.S. in Sustainability Science. I like to write about all different types of environmental issues that concern me.

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