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How To Discover Your Inner Voice by Sharon Starika


Written by, by Sharon Starika, Movement Educator and Feldenkrais Practitioner

This may sound so simple, but how often are we distracted from our inner voice?  How do we even know what our true inner voice is?   And how do we know if we can even trust our inner voice?

I’m certain all of you can think of a time when you felt deep inside yourself a knowing, a gut feeling, an inner belief, a strong sensation that felt right to you and you acted on it.  But even after such an experience, often we still tend to stray from that inner belief, that inner knowing. Often we put our trust in others.

Don’t get me wrong; we are so very lucky to have a wealth of informative and experienced professionals nation wide to help serve us.  These experts are here to provide us with information, clarity, and understanding so we can have a much greater ability to know what is right for us.  Not necessarily to make the decision for us.

So where or how do we begin to develop a relationship with our inner voice? The first step is awareness.  To begin, choose something simple, like deciding what to have for breakfast, or what to wear for the day.  For some, I know, this may not be so simple, but let’s give it a try.  Notice how you have a few ideas or options in regards to what to eat or what to wear.  Notice how in your mind you review the options.  As you become aware of each of the options, notice the feeling you have or that you get related to that option.  This is where awareness is key.  By noticing how you ”feel” to each thought about what to eat or what to wear, you will notice one idea or option will stand out as a YES! This is what I want to eat, or this is what I want to wear.  Pay extremely close attention to the feeling and or sensation you get with this YES.  For it is at this very moment you want to cherish and embody the feeling of confidence, certainty, joy, trust, knowing, and believing what is exactly right for you! 

 Once you have this experience, and become aware of yourself in the experience, you then have the opportunity to witness yourself in future situations developing this inner sense, inner knowing, and inner voice for yourself.  Whether it is eating breakfast, what to wear, whom to have dinner with, or what to handle at work.  You can take this exercise into your life and continue to play with it, noticing how you go about knowing what is right for you.  The more you play with it, the stronger you will become in sensing and knowing what is right for you!

Developing your inner voice becomes critical to higher functioning in life.  Especially when situations arise that are completely foreign to you.  These are often the times when we feel at a loss, confused, and uncertain. Why? because the situation is new, and not familiar.  Often this can be a health issue for ourselves or for a family member. Certainly becoming pregnant with your first baby is right in here. It’s at this junction we seek advice, information, and direction.  These three things are extremely useful to help you navigate what is right for you and the situation that you are faced with. As you begin to explore all the wonderful “health practitioners,” doctors, and medical advice available to you here, keep in mind noticing your inner voice, noticing what information or practitioner you resonate with. Being aware what feels right, trust your inner voice.

I’d like to share with you my daughter, Mia’s inner voice. She’s 14.

Mia Moyano 3-13-12 WHY??

Why I Dance

Dancing is my passion, its what I love to do, its why I get up in the morning, and why I am so happy going to bed. It happened to me, this wonderful thing that I can do when I want, how I want, and no one can take it away from me. People ask why I dance, its a good question, for everyone. Dancing is life, its my life, I do it because I love to do it, I enjoy it, I am myself. Dancing expresses how I feel towards people, or how I feel towards myself. If I have a bad day dance is there for me, it’s never been far away. Dancing isnʼt just letting go, its about you, and only you, it’s what you do for yourself and nobody else. Dancing is there for you time and time again, donʼt ever let it go, because it won’t.

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