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Life is a river of enlightening…


I attended a workshop many years ago with Arjuna Ardagh, author of The Translucent Revolution. At the Mind Body Soul conference in San Francisco, in 1998, he gave me an experience that forever changed my life. I felt what it was like to completely become aware of my own consciousness. It was indescribable. It was transformative. It deepened my journey to know myself.

I was sitting across from a stranger, touching knee to knee. We were to look into each other’s eyes in silence and simply noticing. Noticing the thoughts, sensations, feelings and energy that came between us. Noticing, without judgement or attachment. Simply observing.

After several minutes of melting into stillness, he asked us to notice WHO was noticing. And, for the first time, I became keenly aware of my consciousness.

This quote that he shares, reminds me that in every moment we have the opportunity to expand. We have the opportunity to choose love, happiness and awareness. When we become the observer and notice life without attaching to it, miracles manifest and we become more of ourselves.

To learn more about Arjunah’s offerings, visit his website here.


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