Spa and Wellness Therapies
201 Heber Ave
Park City Utah 84060
(435) 658-2500

In Sanskrit “Sugati” means “moving into wellness, bliss, and higher insight”. Steeped in the  transformational traditions of Ayurveda, Eastern principles, and mountain remedies for relaxation,  Sugati aims to bring long-term insight, lasting wellness, and overall transformation to all we serve. With  an in-depth yoga program, seasonal cleanse calendar, and nutritionist on staff, we offer simple  approaches to overall wellbeing.

Specialty Services Include:

  • Traditional Ayurvedic experiences including ceremonial steams, 4-handed Abhyanga massage,  Shirodhara energy work to open the third eye, and Nasya facials for lymphatic drainage, clearer sinuses and deep breathing.
  • Exquisite bodywork that includes traditional massage, energy work, stone therapies, and reflexology.
  • 7-step body treatments featuring organic Red Flower Rituals with body wraps, soaks, cleanses, and  exfoliation.
  • Advanced detoxification with far-infrared saunas, steams, salt baths in Japanese Ofuro tubs, lymphatic  drainage, and more.
  • Customized skin care including organic facials, HyrdraFacials™, and anti-aging treatments.
  • Week-long seasonal cleanses, organic juice cleanses, life coaching, nutritional counseling, and  personalized yoga also available.