Wellness Consulting for Mind and Body. Coachng, counseling and yoga.
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Park City, UT 84060

Even the most successful people may need a partner at some point and enlisting an expert can be more effective than attempting the work alone.

From time to time we may need to:

– Feel less overwhelmed
– Change destructive behavioral or mental habits
– Relieve discord in relationships
– Heal from traumatic life events such as divorce, death, or illness
– Resolve conflicts about work vs. family
– Make a successful career change
– Ease a generalized sense of dissatisfaction

A Low Owl Wellness consultant can assist your development by:

– Supporting and illuminating your decision making
– Helping you to resolve conflicts
– Guiding you to rediscover your most authentic self so that all decisions flow more naturally, with less anxiety

At Low Owl Wellness we provide practical insights and transformational partnerships based on behavioral science, yoga, and ancient wisdom. Whether you are faced with a challenge or simply ready to make a change, we know that growth can happen in the context of everyday life… and that life provides all the opportunity we need for personal growth.