The Advanced Spa Therapy Education & Certification Council (ASTECC) is fervently shaping the future of the spa and wellness industry by encouraging returning to our heritage and roots in nature cure. We believe the true potential and healing power of spa can once again be realized and shared with the masses as a holistic and fresh alternative to our society’s health and wellness concerns.

ASTECC is widely regarded as a benchmark for spa therapy education excellence, certified therapists are among the best trained in the spa and wellness industry. Educated in the biochemical components of spa and a wide range of classic spa modalities, ASTECC’s training is characterized by:

  • Individualized Approach – The art of individual treatment and a truly integrated approach with an arsenal of healing tools at the practitioner’s disposal
  • Advanced Techniques – Our Master Bodyworkers receive 90% more hours of training than most massage therapists and our modalities are firmly rooted in scientifically proven, ancient healing methods
  • Integrated and Whole-istic Treatments – A comprehensive intake leads to the design of a customized session to facilitate a specific result. This is achieved holistically and kick-starts the body’s innate healing force restoring the balance and wholeness.
  • Client Education, Participation and Empowerment – we are passionate about the abundance the spa lifestyle can bring to you. We teach you how to make informed decisions and actively participate in your wellness plan.