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Holistic Chef – Wellness Coach – Guest Speaker
Park City, Utah 84098

Jason Kieffer is currently the Executive Chef and Wellness Coach at Intermountain Healthcare’s Park City Medical Center, located in Park City, Utah.
With extraordinary experience and expertise in naturopathy and holistic nutrition, Chef Kieffer has redefined the medical center as a place of true healing, for both patients and their families, as well as for members of the community. Growing up, Chef Kieffer spent as much time in the kitchen as he did studying in the library. Under the culinary tutelage of his Grandmother Falzarrano and his wonderful mother and father, Kieffer was well-educated at a very young age on the delicate relationship between your nutrition and your health. This knowledge, combined with an insatiable curiosity, would later launch Kieffer on a global expedition, discovering the origins of naturopathy and the principles of Ayurveda, bringing his clients a cornucopia of invaluable information and intriguing ingredients that would indeed change their lives.
When he was only sixteen years old, Kieffer was chosen to apprentice under the head chef of New York City’s most famous restaurant, Tavern on the Green of Central Park. Following such a prestigious apprenticeship, his application to the internationally renowned Culinary Institute of America was accepted and upon graduation, Kieffer intuitively relocated to the west coast, settling in Seattle. After working with several of the city’s most esteemed restaurateurs, and devoting years as a private chef to telecommunications pioneer Craig McCaw, Kieffer was appointed Executive Chef at the preeminent Bellevue Club Hotel, the AAA Four Diamond club and hotel consistently ranked as the #1 hotel in Seattle and the #1 resort in the Pacific Northwest.

His unparalleled performance in Bellevue captured the attention of two of the world’s corporate juggernauts, Microsoft and Google. Kieffer was inspired to introduce a culinary culture so powerful in its philosophy, and beyond phenomenal in its flavor. Microsoft wooed Kieffer with a dream opportunity to create his own position, Executive Vegetarian Chef at Microsoft World Headquarters, and they gave Kieffer carte blanche to design and develop his own proprietary program. With Microsoft, Kieffer continued his mission consulting around the globe for the next few years, reconstructing the kitchens of Microsoft’s international campuses and enlightening the palates of peoples worldwide.

Throughout his career, Kieffer’s passion for sharing his astounding knowledge and consummate love for food has rewarded him with such experiences that so few gourmands are able to surpass. And now, as Executive Chef at one of the country’s most dynamic and innovative hospitals, Kieffer has truly returned to his roots, refocusing on his meticulous study of the human body and the origins of health promotion and disease prevention. His resplendent meals, menus and recipes have already begun to redirect healthcare by evoking awareness and cultivating a dialogue about the concept of conscious eating.

As a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement, Kieffer relies heavily on his relationships in and around the area with local farmers and artisanal purveyors, purchasing only the finest, pesticide-free, organic produce, always selecting certified, hormone-free dairy products and ordering only free-range, grass-fed meats and poultry. Supporting the local economy while preserving Park City’s pristine landscape is essential to reflect harmony with the environment, and as Kieffer demonstrates his robust in-house recycling and composting programs both minimize the Medical Center’s ecological footprint while advancing sustainable development.

Kieffer’s dreams continue to come bursting true in all of his pursuits as he partners with local businesses, services and the vibrant merchants. He has teamed up with innumerable event planners that host the area’s most premier events, from intimate dinners and private cooking lessons to exclusive industry events at the Sundance Film Festival and elaborate fund-raising galas. Eternally evolving, this Chef’s lifetime love for food and physiology is actually just beginning.