Adult Therapy, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Art Therapy, Creative Workshops
Park City, Utah

Purity of Play is a private practice and hub for the Creative Process and exploration of the mind, body and soul. The name “purity of play” is inspired by my children. When they are engaged in play, it is pure, because they are fully present and not encombered by what is right or wrong. A child’s spirit around play demonstrates how to slow down, let go, take in the moment, quiet the mind and jump in. These elements are needed in the therapuetic process of healing, exploration, discovery and awareness.

Purity of Play is more than therapy; it is a realm that promotes awareness through art, writing, movement, nature and metaphor. Connecting to something larger than the individual opens and expands perspectives and is essential to overall wellbeing.

The Creative Process at Purity of Play is not about the product, rather it is the art of slowing down and allowing your own creative and healing process to unfold. Creativity is often overlooked or perceived as frivolous. However, it is an essential piece to life’s puzzle and whole-hearted living.

About Jill:

As an art therapist and counselor, I utilize the expressive arts to assist clients in their personal and/or professional journey toward healing, growth, awareness and/or creative spirit. I draw upon my diverse background which includes being an athlete for the US Freestyle Ski Team, a birth/postpartum doula and women’s rights advocate, hospice/palliative grief and loss counselor, spiritual ceremonies/rites of passage facilitator, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler and writer. My experience informs and influences my practice.

My therapeutic background includes work in various settings: schools, community art studios, a residential treatment center, a psychiatric facility, private homes, hospitals, businesses and community centers. I work in a holistic fashion, offering a combination of expressive therapies with traditional talk therapy, creative exploration, outdoor and narrative therapies. My ongoing goal is to provide a safe space to explore and assist clientele in discovering their own voice and expressive nature.