Health and Wellness Coach, Gluten-Free Lifestyle Specialist
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 962-3010

By trade, I am a fitness, health and wellness coach and gluten-free lifestyle specialist.  Working in the industry for the past 10 years has allowed me to help more than 1,000 women; children and men become better versions of themselves through simple and effective lifestyle modification techniques. Successful, long-term behavior changes first begin with exploring the individual and their habits, then customizing realistic changes that lay the foundation for reaching the desired goal. Coaching is the glue that holds it all together. Coaching keeps you on the right path and takes the solidarity out of seeking change. Gluten free living can seem very lonesome in the beginning, but with proper knowledge and coaching all goals are attainable!

GoGlutenFreeGracefuly offers a series of online telecourses, seminars, private consultation, cooking classes and group discussions, streamlined with the education you need to safely fill your pantry, feed a hungry family, navigate life’s social challenges, prepare for traveling, and keep your sanity during your transition to gluten free freedom. This program is brilliant and will give you faith in the road that lies ahead. Gluten free solutions, available from the comfort of your home.

As a fitness, health and gluten free lifestyle specialist, I know the importance of a customized, simple, well-designed program that takes into account what you need to survive your daily living. Proper knowledge and coaching is the key to making this a quick transition. I invite you to visit GoGlutenFreeGracefully’s complete site for a look at what my program can do for you. Start healing today!