Nutritional Counseling, Clinics and Workshops, Public Speaking.
2015 Sidewinder Drive, Suite 110
Park City, UT 84060

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) with GAPS certification, my practice involves working one-on-one with clients, both locally and nationally, who require tailored therapies to address special circumstances in their lives. One-on-one counseling makes it possible to work deeper with individuals to weed out habits that can sabotage a beautiful life. Often, long-standing health problems can be turned around just by making simple lifestyle changes. For example, weight issues, hormonal imbalance and blood sugar dysregulation are very common complaints that can usually be resolved through nutritional counseling. Getting to the underlying problem can make the difference between needing medications and moving on through life without them.

I enjoy speaking to groups of people who are looking for a new and clear perspective on nutrition and health. I like to say, “I teach ‘real nutrition’, not ‘political nutrition’!”

Since I serve clients nationwide, I offer consultations in-person or by telephone or Skype to accommodate each client’s individual preference.