Compounding, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmeceuticals
750 Kearns Boulevard
Park City, Utah 84060
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Alpine Apothecary is a compounding pharmacy and nutrition shop, truly dedicated to helping our patients optimize their health.  We offer all the services of a compounding pharmacy and also provide high quality supplements with guidance on their use, to help your body repair and function at its best.  Our goal is always for our patients to realize better health.

While practicing pharmacy in the mountains of Colorado for the first 15 years of her career, Karin fell in love with the many recreational pursuits offered by a mountain setting. Living at a higher altitude places unique demands on the body and she soon realized the great importance of diet and lifestyle in daily performance, physical as well as mental. This strong interest in nutrition and a more functional approach to health became incorporated into her pharmacy life with the opportunity to be involved with a colleague and friend who was opening a compounding pharmacy. Karin was fascinated by how compounding allows customization and thereby the opportunity to minimize medication side effects and optimize their benefits. After moving to Park City in 2006 with her husband and two children, she returned to retail pharmacy, but never lost the enthusiasm for compounding, so she re-attended comprehensive programs with PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) on compounding technique as well as on Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Opening Alpine Apothecary in early 2010 was the realization of a dream, she enjoys meeting and working with the wonderful people here in Park City!

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