Intuitive Readings & Life Coaching
Park City, Utah 84098
(801) 369-5406

Linda Radford is a clear conduit for intuitive information that helps people see their authentic self and realize their natural gifts. She shares whatever comes through without judgment or alteration. Her goal is to provide all who are led to her with self-empowering tools that may allow them to have personal communication with their own intuitive guidance.

As a Professional Intuitive, she opens to the information and shares it. For example, when a person is seeking information about their health, she scans the body’s field, and shares with them what information she is shown that supports their physical systems.

When the intuitive session involves business, relationships, health, or other life situations, the clarity comes from deeply heart-felt experiences. This often allows the person to clearly see the best direction for them.

In her  career, she has also  been a National Director with an international health company. She is a trained health coach,  Life Coaching and a certified Theta Healer.