Soulful work to clear, align, harmonize and energize your energetic field.
1881 Prospector Avenue
Park City, Utah 84036

Mary Christa Smith is a Shamanic Healer with 17 years of experience working with her clients to balance and harmonize their energetic field. Her work is soulful and poetic, shifting her clients’ energetic fields and allowing them to live fully expressed lives. She has studied and taught workshops for over a decade with The Four Winds Society, a premier school for Shamanic Practitioners.

Our ENERGY is the connective tissue between all aspects of our health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic.
Shamanic Energy Medicine is a complimentary therapy that addresses all levels of healing and well-being, thereby supporting YOU on your healing journey.
Shift your energy to a place of empowerment! YES, you can make the changes that bring health, happiness and well-being.

The work clears energetic pathways and misalignments by;

  • Transforming challenges into opportunities
  • Recognizing and healing repeating patterns
  • Releasing, integrating and transcending emotional trauma