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For more than 20 years, Stephanie Barton has been immersed in the field of human development, helping people realize their full potential by honoring their dreams and visions. She is the founder of Life Dream Coaching, a private coaching practice specializing in women’s issues.¬†Stephanie blends professional life coaching techniques with energy work to help clients unlock the mysteries preventing them from living their life at full capacity.

Life Dream Coaching offers a powerful blend of professional life coaching techniques with energy work to bring order to your beautiful confusion. Life Dream Coaching teaches you the tools to bring a new perspective to the thoughts and actions keeping you from being what you already know you can be.

While many people share common obstacles preventing them from living at full capacity, no two individuals have identical stories, backgrounds or behaviors. One process does not fit all. Rather, Life Dream Coaching works to create a safe, comfortable and confidential space so you can move toward breakthroughs specific to your own situation or story.

In short, Life Dream Coaching shows you how to live more of your life doing what gets you excited and less of your life in compromise. Don’t just live the length of your life, live the width of it, too.


Life Dream Coaching helps unlock your own resourcefulness to discover:

  • Barriers and behavior patterns that put a lid on your visions and dreams.
  • What makes your heart sing, gives you joy and fills you with passion.
  • Communication tools to enhance relationships and every day living.
  • Issues preventing core healing.
  • How to be accountable to your own dreams and goals.
  • The unconscious beliefs blocking your progress.
  • How to work from your strengths instead of dwelling on weaknesses.
  • Hidden values, beliefs and motivations waiting to fuel a more energetic life.
  • Ways to fill your spiritual void.
  • How to quiet the distracting noises in your head to let your authentic voice finally have a say in what’s going on.