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Ideas, resources and actions to thrive as individuals and families.
650 Round Valley Drive, Suite 100
Park City, Utah 84060

The Thriving Lifestyles Program is here to help us all create happy families, healthy lives, a clean environment, a strong economy and thriving communities through information, resources and community engagement.

Thriving Lifestyles takes the ideas of sustainable living and expands them to thriving; changing the conversation from just environmental, social and economic factors to all the components of our lives that enable us to thrive – health, family, community, economy and the environment. From this new starting point, the discussion expands to what it really means to thrive:

  • We all take actions as individuals and families to better our lives and those around us.
  • We work together as neighbors to address the needs of our communities.
  • Our local environment is healthy and taken care of.
  • We have a strong economic foundation.
  • Our community is healthy and happy.

Thriving Lifestyles focuses on 10 areas of our lives where we can take actions to thrive. These areas are components of our lives that we can relate to, we experience and we can take simple steps to improve. These areas are Mindfulness, Family and Friends, Community, Your Home, Food, Health, Purchases and Shopping, Money, Transportation and finally Work. This program offers step by step guidance and ideas on how to help you, your family, your community and our environment thrive.

We want everyone in the community to utilize, share and contribute to this new, exciting resource and be part of the conversation on how to THRIVE.