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Magical Mornings in Maine


The call of the Common Loon outside my bedroom window invites me to come out of my dream state and into the presence of the day. It is one of my most favorite sounds that penetrates my hear and soul. I lie in bed, nestled with my two beautiful babes, warmed inside and out from their little bodies. My heart is filled with gratitude that I get to be so blessed.

I arise early and head to the ‘poch’ with my morning coffee. I sit in the green rocking chair where my mother and grandmother used to sit, overlooking the lake. These morning hours of stillness soothe my soul and connect me to the abundant life force that abounds.

There is a damp chill in the air as the fog on the quiet lake begins to lift. The birds sing their melody in the forest attuning me to the music that is all around. A hummingbird swiftly arrives, taking pause at the red feeder I filled with sweet sugar water. A squirrel approaches my feet with curiosity, playfulness and light feet.

A red-hooded Merganzer just landed on the lake disrupting the silence with some splashing water. There is beauty everywhere and I feel so calm and connected with these natural surroundings. It is amazing what two weeks in the Maine woods can do to your perspective, presence and wellbeing.

My pace has slowed down. My awareness has increased. My mind has quieted. My soul is awakening and my heart expands in delight. Something is shifting inside of me. I am gitty with anticipation of what the next chapter will bring – I can feel it emerging and am consumed with a sense of happiness, fulfillment and hope. Everything I have worked for and prayed for seems to be manifesting into form.

My intuition sharpens and my willingness to follow the subtle inclinations, insights and synchronicities is strong and committed. As I sense and act on them with conscious awareness, the magic and mystery of life makes itself known. The vibration rises, the frequency increases and the path becomes effortless. I step into the flow of nature and tune into the life force that informs and connects everything. I feel alive, grateful, natural and beautiful in this place.

There is so much history at our cabin in the woods. A 6th generation camp built in the early 1900’s, passed down generation to generation on my mother’s side. Kristian and I got married here in 2003, my brother got married here in 2005, my parents honeymooned here and started coming together when they were in 15. I’ve come to camp my whole life: 

Laughter, connection, contemplation, painting, writing, skinny dipping, sun-bathing, fires, runs into town, lobsta dinners, Pine-Tree frosty ice-cream, moose viewing hunts, watching the  bears at the dump, contracting “Moose Mouth” (a made up disease my dad said I would catch from kissing the townies), town dock, sneaking out and getting caught, tippy canoes, boat rides, eagle sightings, deer encounters, hummingbirds and dragonflies, loon calls, wild flower picking, walks to the meadow, hikes and adventures, blueberry patches and rasberry pickings, deep talks and spiritual insights, family porch photos, pitching rocks, cutting and hauling trees, bug bites and sun tans. The list of memories and activities could go on and on.

I feel so blessed to have these rich memories and to have been granted witness to such beauty in nature. These experiences have shaped who I am today. They are my roots, my essence, my joy. They draw forth the highest expression of my inner light. They are gifts of the soul, body and mind.

Another magical morning in Maine goes by and imprints its signature into my heart, fueling me for my return home to Park City. I pray to bring this nourishment with me and to have it enliven my creativity, calling, passion and purpose on this sacred path of life.

Thank you God. Thank you Universe. Thank you Angels, Spirits & Guides. Thank you Grandma. Thank you Mom and Dad … for giving me this rich offering of beauty, connection and love.





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