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My Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Experience

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It is hard to believe that the official Ayurvedic Cleanse Week is over. There is a measurable difference in my mind/body/spirit state from when I started on Monday and where I am today. I feel so good inside that I decided to continue the cleanse for a couple of three more days!

On Monday, I weighed in at 153 lbs with 23.4% body fat and a BMI of 22.1. I felt bloated, heavy and sluggish. My schedule was so full, I could not imagine how I would fit in two 3-hour cleansing sessions each day. I was tense and my mind was busy. In spite of this state, I told myself that the cleanse had showed up in my life as a clear signal and opportunity to nurture myself. I noticed the signs and trusted with faith that the Universe always conspires on my better half – there is ample evidence in my life to prove it. Once again, I trusted and proceeded.

As the week unfolded, I began to settle into consistent nourishing rituals led by Maggie Koblasovoa that naturally became a routine in only seven days. Each morning, I awoke and followed the instructions in my handbook created by Maggie which included tongue scraping, brushing my teeth with herbal toothpaste, oil pulling with sesame oil, dry skin brushing, Abyanga (applying a warm mixture of sesame oil and herbs to my body), eye washing, drinking warm lemon water and showering. Click here to learn about the benefits of each step.  At first this seemed a bit much, but with each day it became easier. My resistance quickly turned to longing for these nurturing rituals that made me feel clean, clear and prepared for the day.

IMG_2810Each morning, after feeding and taking my children to school, I would head to the 6th floor penthouse of Sugati Spa. I was welcomed by Maggie Koblasova (cleanse creator and leader), Kitty Stoneburner (owner of Sugati Spa and Main & Sky) and the lovely individuals who were participating along with me. We filled our thermoses up with the tea of the day that Maggie had lovingly prepared and settle in on our yoga mats. Maggie then lead us in an hour and a half of restorative yoga, breathing and Shavasana. I couldn’t believe how transforming the subtle, gentle movements were to my body and mind. I noticed how tight my muscles and body parts were and was surprised by how much tension had settled in my physical structure. As each day passed, my range of motion, posture and muscles began to release and open. The last 15 minutes of each class was spent in Shavasana. In silence, a deep stillness would wash over me. Each time, my body would begin to float and I would feel waves of energy wash over me. I still had thoughts passing in and out of my awareness but at some point the internal noise would quiet and I would go someplace or float away in my consciousness. I would be welcomed back to conscious awareness with the sound of the singing bowl. It was deeply relaxing and several beautiful insights come to me during these times.

We then convened around the kitchen table and gave thanks to the food that was so carefully selected by Maggie and prepared by Chef Evan from Main & Sky. We slowly chewed the food, received the love that was put into it connected with each other in conversation. Every meal was unique, vegetarian, absolutely delicious and deeply nourishing. We ate twice a day (at 10:30am and 5pm) with no snacking in between for seven consecutive days. Each meal was complimented with melted organic ghee (to help release the plaque in our bodies) and a cilantro pesto that had rich flavor. Here are just a few of the dishes we enjoyed:

After our morning meal, we were invited to experience a Sugati Spa treatment: Japanese soak, steam shower, gravity chair meditation, two or four handed Abyanga, Shirodara (oil hair treatment), infrared sauna and many other choices. Every experience I had was heavenly and the staff (Molly and Tina) who were trained in the Ayurveda principles were attentive and nurturing to our individual needs. On some days, I was able to partake in these relaxing rituals and on other days I headed straight to my office for meetings and work.

We reconvened at 4pm each day for an optional Ayurveda class with Maggie. She taught us different breathing techniques that produced a healing or cooling sensation in the body and educated us about the different doshas (body types) and what they meant. I learned that I am Pitta dominant, followed closely by Kapha.

“Pitta makes for focused goal-oriented, clear minded and energetic individuals, Highly Pitta people make good leaders, executives and excellent teachers. Pitta energy brings color of all sorts into your being, from the intense color of your passions to the close you wear.” This description of Pitta energy gives me a deeper understanding as to my characteristics and affinity with colors. My closet is a rainbow and those who know me see me most often wearing the colors of my company brand which are teal and orange.

“Kapha in your constitution makes you steady, gives you stamina and the ability to stick with people and projects and nurture them along. You have patience, sweetness and a calm serenity that attracts others.” This description of Kapha gives me a greater awareness of my stamina and conviction for the vision I have for H3BE and my willingness to see it flourish.

At the conclusion of class, we ate together at 5pm. Maggie reminded us about the power of gratitude and conscious connection to the life force we were bringing into our bodies. I felt a difference when I received the love that was present in the preparation of the food while giving thanks to the plants themselves and each person who had a part in bringing it from farm to table. This gratitude ritual was a wonderful reminder for me to slow down, breathe and connect to that which is nourishing.

After conversation and rest, we would reconvene in our last restorative yoga class of the day. Maggie guided us in gentle hip opening postures, strengthening and relaxation poses. We concluded each session in Shavasana, which I found myself looking forward to. Lying down in silence for at least 15 minutes gave my body a chance to rest, receive and integrate all that was releasing and restoring inside my body and mind.

After seven days of this routine, I realized the depth at which I needed it. The Universe showed up again with the right people on my path to guide, support and teach me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to reset my patterns and to find a renewed rhythm regarding my body. My cravings for coffee, alcohol and dark chocolate have vanished and I am feeling so good that I am extending my personal cleanse for at least three more days. I’ve lost over 8 lbs and am weighing in at 144lbs with body fat % of 22.7 and  BMI of 21.7 (measurements were taken 3 days ago). As I write, I sip on my homemade bone broth, which is comforting and filling. I have no expectations as to how long this state will last but I know it WILL  change, as that is the nature of being human. So, I am taking it one day at a time – listening to my body, giving it whole food nourishment and practicing mindful awareness as to what my body and soul need.

Buddha-r2As a mother of two children (ages 4 and 10) and business owner, it is a rarity to find the time to rest and be taken care of. It is hard to put myself first above the needs of my children, family and company. This cleanse gave me the opportunity to experience what it was like to fully receive. I felt completely nurtured by the goddess mother, Maggie. She held the space for each one of us to be nurtured, loved and cared for. Details were attended to at the subtlest level and I was nourished in a healthy environment with deliciously prepared meals (that I did not have to cook), restorative movement, meditation, peace and quite. For all those moms and dads out there who are juggling a million things in a given week, you deserve this time-out as much as I did. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for making your wellbeing a priority.

For those of you interested in learning more about Ayurveda and the Ayurveda Cleanse, you can visit to connect with Maggie Koblasova or to connect with Sugati Spa. Feel free to call me if you would like to hear more at 435.962.022. There will be another Ayurvedic Cleanse offered this fall and I highly recommend it!



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