H3BETM is dedicated to empowering all people who strive to be healthy, happy, and well. We believe WellBEing, a state of whole health and happiness, is a birthright – and we want to help make it a reality for all.  H3BETM is creating a global ecosystem of health-seeking individuals, integrative healthcare providers, and wellness-minded businesses to create healthy happy communities worldwide.

You can join this revolution as an individual, provider, or business.

  • Health-seeking individuals are inspired and supported in their quest to experience total wellness through in-person educational events, workshops, and programs. On-line, H3BETM offers a WellBEing eDirectory of local providers, Healthy Happy Deals, peer-to-peer social networking tools, a Community WellBEing Calendar and a WellBEing portal that customizes and directs wellness related content, resources, products and education to each member.  H3BE’s feature rich web presence is unmatched in the wellness world and is offered at no cost to individuals.
  • Healthcare providers are united through The WellBEing Collaborative (WBC), a professional association and network that aims to bring together conventional medical providers and complementary holistic practitioners, online and in-person, to create a cooperative model of whole-person care. The WBC creates a culture of trust and respect among healthcare providers committed to serving to the community. Sharing knowledge and resources, and benefiting from a feature rich web presence and marketing platform, providers gain a strong peer network and enhanced visibility in the community – without having to take undue attention away from their primary responsibility, helping clients achieve WellBEing.
  • Wellness-minded businesses and organizations who support the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and/or environmental aspects of wellbeing are promoted to health-seeking individuals and healthcare providers online and in-person. Through community engagement, events, programs, and H3BE’s feature rich web presence, businesses can market their products, services, and events more easily and effectively to a community interested in them.