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The gift of reflection


On this dock, in Rangeley, Maine, I sit and stare out into the still lake. The water reflects whatever lies above. The calmer the liquid, the clearer the reflection. This is the gift that mirrored waters invite us to inspect. The reflection is everywhere – in the people we meet, in the experiences we seek and in the connections we make.

We can only see that which we are.

We are invited to witness this reflection in all of our relations, choices and endeavors. We see people’s light because it is within us. We see people’s darkness because it is within us. We are able to see our reflection everywhere we turn – if we are awake, aware and brave.

Today, I invite you to BE brave as you look into the reflection of life. Who are you surrounded by? What are you experiencing? Does it feel expansive or limiting?

May you choose to see your reflection with brave new eyes and allow anything that does not serve the highest expression of YOU to dissolve into the still waters.


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