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The LED Switch

hanging tungsten light bulb, energy saving and LED bulb

Article by Mary Christa Smith

Did you know that exchanging your old incandescent and CFL light bulbs will save you between 20-40% every month on your electric bill?  The average savings in both energy and cost of bulbs, over the lifetime of one LED is $226 per bulb.  The average 2200 sq. foot home has 60 bulbs.  That is  $13,560!  LED bulbs last longer than other bulbs.  You will replace your incandescent bulbs 42 times by the time you first replace your LED.  In an average home that is 2,520 trips up and down the ladder.

Take action and make the LED Switch.  It’s a simple action we can all take.  Through changing our light bulbs, we connect to the broader community, harness our collective power for good, and elevate our awareness of energy efficiency.  Through collective action, we are creating a healthier community.

Summit Community Power Works (SCPW) is a non-profit organization that was created to vie for the Georgetown University Energy Prize – a $5,000,000 prize for the community that can reduce its consumption of electricity and natural gas the most in two years (2015-2016).  We believe in the power of Summit County communities to lead a movement that embraces energy efficiency and self-reliance while creating a brighter economic and environmental legacy.


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